The practice W+G Architects was founded in 2007 by the Spanish Architects Federico Wulff and Melina Guirnaldos. The aim of W+G Architects is to develop both design and strategic projects in five timely analytical and design fields: 1. Post-crisis innovative reactivation strategies / 2. Contemporary approaches on heritage preservation and recycling. / 3. Landscape recovery interventions in cooperation projects / 4. Interactive Public Spaces / 5. Domestic spaces and micro-architecture.

Our International profile has been developed through our professional work in Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Brazil, Chile, Morocco and Ethiopia and has provided W+G Architects with new instruments for our design and strategic projects, supported by a rich interacting network of conceptual approaches and precedents, leading us to create innovative solutions for the challenges that we are currently facing in this beginning of the XXIC.

Our theoretical research informs the exploration of new design methodologies that will be engaged in a profound understanding of the needs of each of our clients, and the specific circumstances of the intervention sites. We are firmly committed to the fact that the design process is in itself another level of investigation which could be further theorised within a rich and creative dialectic relationship between theory, practice, users and context. This fluid interaction is the essential framework of our work, which makes our practice highly adaptable to very different contexts, such as cooperation projects in Africa, public spaces in Europe, Medieval Arabic Heritage preservation or American urban regeneration strategies. Among the projects of urban landscape reactivation we would highlight the public spaces Eras and Forum (Spain), both selected at the VI European Biennial of Landscape Architecture of Barcelona (Spain) and at the Biennale of Architecture of Sao Paolo (Brazil). The Landscape Intervention and Restoration of the Palace of the Emperor Susenyos and the Jesuit Cathedral of Ethiopia (XVIIC.), funded by the Spanish Cooperation Agency, the restoration of the XIVC. Mosque of the Oratorio del Partal at the Alhambra Cultural Landscape (Spain), and the Landscape recovery of the Caves of Hercules site in Tangiers (Morocco) are some of our recovery interventions in cultural landscapes. Recently, W+G Architects was awarded a Special Mention by the jury at the International Competition for the urban regeneration of Bulnes Avenue, at the centre of the government district in Santiago de Chile (Chile).


Dr. Federico Wulff Barreiro, a Spanish Architect, is Founder and Director of the practice W+G Architects. He is Lecturer of Architecture and Urban Design as well as European Senior Research Fellow at the Welsh School of Architecture (WSA), Cardiff University.

He is currently EMUVE Unit Leader of WSA MArch2 (joint Unit with ETSAB Barcelona), Module Leader in the Master of Urban Design (MA UD), Senior Researcher and PI of the European Research Project EMUVE (Euro Mediterranean Urban Voids Ecology) which is funded by the European Commission.

In addition, he is the co-coordinator of the doctoral network EMUVE+ proposal for the European funding program ITN (Innovative Training Networks), with the participation of 6 EU Universities (WSA-Cardiff, Bartlett-UCL-London, ETSAB-Barcelona, ENSAM-Marseille, ULg-Liege and POLIMI-Milano).

The EMUVE Research Project focuses on the study of the processes of territorial abandonment produced by the current economic crisis along the Euro-Mediterranean coastline, and the investigation of innovative methodologies of urban reactivation from flexible, resilient and collaborative perspectives.

He has awarded the Rome Prize in Architecture at the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome. His interest in teaching Architecture and Urban Design at the European level led to him being guest Lecturer at the Architectural Association (AA) and at the Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL-London) in the UK, at l’Ecole Nationale Superieure d’Architecture of Marseille (ENSA-M) in France, at the Facolta d’Architettura of the Politecnico di Milano and at Roma Tre University in Italy, as well as at the ETSAB in Barcelona, Spain.

His architectural works and theoretical papers have been published in journal articles, books and conference papers such as Urban Design and Planning (UK), C3 (Corea), Au Brasil (Brazil), Arquitectura Viva (Spain), Arquitectura Ibérica (Portugal), Paisea (Spain), Pasajes de Arquitectura (Spain), Paisajismo (Spain) and Architecture du Maroc (Morocco), amongst others. (For further information, see Federico Wulff).

His architectural practice W+G Architects has been awarded with ten first prizes in national and international architectural competitions.



Melina Guirnaldos, a Spanish Architect, graduated from the School of Architecture of Granada (Spain). In 2008 she was awarded the Talentia Fellowship to pursue an MSc in Architectural Restoration and Urban Recovery at Roma Tre University (Italy), with Columbia University (USA) and Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture Paris-Belleville (France) as partner institutions. To complete her MSc, she collaborated in the restoration of the 3rd century Baths of Caracalla with the Soprintendenza Speciale per i Beni Archeologici di Roma. In her Italian professional period she also worked as a freelance Architect developing the design of 6 urban recovery master plans within the frame of the Participative Processes-programme coordinated by the Town Planning Department of the council of Rome.

In Spain, she worked for over 2 years as Architectural Heritage Consultant in the Department of Culture of the Regional Government of Andalucia, where she supervised and coordinated architectural interventions in the main monuments of Granada (BIC). Since 2007, she has been a founding partner of W+G Architects Firm where she has developed projects such as the Landscape Intervention and Restoration of the Palace of the Emperor Susenyos and the Jesuit cathedral in Ethiopia, as well as the competition for the urban regeneration of Santiago de Chile Government area, which was awarded an international urban prize.

She has lectured at and been a member of the juries of the Architectural Association, ETSAB of Barcelona, Cardiff University, and the University of Granada, among other institutions, and has also lectured at the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). In addition, she has worked as a contributor in architectural reviews, such as aU arquitetura e urbanismo in Brasil and ArteOficio in Chile, and as a coordinator of international workshops and seminars, such as the Italo-Spanish Seminar on Contemporary Architecture intervention on Heritage held at the Alhambra Granada (Spain) in 2009. (For further information, see Melina Guirnaldos).

Since 2013, Melina Guirnaldos has collaborated as Assistant Researcher in EMUVE (Euro Mediterranean Urban Voids Ecology), the European research project at the Welsh School of Architecture where she is currently a 1st Year Design Tutor and Design Dissertation Supervisor of the Master of Urban Design (MAUD). Since 2014, she has been developing her PhD, funded by Cardiff University's College of Physical Sciences in the field of critical heritage studies and urban recovery.

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